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Five Tips for Choosing a Point-of-Sale Solution for a Trade Show

If you are planning to exhibit at a trade show or an expo and you also plan to sell stuff at that event, you need a point-of-sale system to keep everything organised. There are numerous solutions that can work for a trade show. However, if you want the easiest, most effective option, here are some tips to consider:

1. Use a handheld system.

The purpose of a trade show is face-to-face interaction with prospective clients, and if a client is ready to buy in the middle of your conversation, you want to be able to facilitate that quickly. To that end, you need a mobile point-of-sale system that is small enough to comfortably hold, such as a system that interacts with an iPad or mobile phone.

2. Accept both credit and cash.

In most cases, consumers use plastic to pay for purchases, but many consumers, especially those on a strict budget, use cash to prevent themselves from making impulse purchases on their credit cards. So that you don't have to turn away any sales, have a POS that accepts credit cards, but also have a cash drawer and a way to input cash sales into the system.

3. Sync the system with your in-house system.

Ideally, you want to be able to track what you sell at the trade show, and you want that information to be uploaded to your main in-house point-of-sale software. To that end, consider investing in a new system for your brick-and-mortar location that supports the use of remote modules. Also, if you want to update your home system in real time, make sure that you have wifi access or a mobile signal in the trade show hall or convention centre.

4. Opt for a solution that doesn't require an outlet.

In some cases, trade shows provide free electricity to all of their exhibitors, but in other cases, you may need to pay extra for power. To make sales easier, consider opting for a system that doesn't need to be plugged in. Instead, you want tools that can be charged before hand and then used all day at the event.

5. Look for a point-of-sale solution with a dashboard.

A dashboard is essential if you want to be able to easily assess your performance at the trade show. Depending on the setup of the point-of-sale software, the dashboard can utilize real-time information to show number of sales, top items sold or other details. It may also be able to break down sales by user so you can see your top performers.

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