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4 Ways to Decorate with Cowhide in Your Home

Everyone knows that cowhides make great rugs, which can really add a luxe feel to a room. However, they're also big statement pieces — and not every room is suited to that kind of visual impact. Maybe you like the look of cowhide, but your room falls into that category. Or perhaps you're just looking for something a little different. In that case, here are a few ideas to introduce that rustic luxury to your decor, aside from placing a rug.


Along with their traditional cowhides, most specialists will also sell cowhide cushions or cushion covers. While you can commonly find faux-hide cushions, these are made of real cowhide and are of far higher quality. These can look especially effective as scatter cushions against a leather-upholstered couch, but may also be good as extra decoration on a single armchair or as throw pillows on a bed.


Speaking of the bedroom — cowhides also make great throws for the end of your bed. Draped correctly, a cowhide throw or footer on the end of your bed can give the same expensive look to the room, without taking up any floor space. Equally, you could drape cowhide over the back of your couch to give the same effect.

Dyed Cowhide

If you're just looking for something a little different to traditional cowhide, know that many suppliers will also offer hides in a wide variety of colours. These can be used for all the same purposes, but have a fresh, unique and unexpected look as compared to the original, neutral colours. These are real statement pieces for a more adventurously decorated home; there are a really wide variety of colours available, from the more neutral to eye-catching blues and bright pinks.


When used for upholstery, cowhide is dyed one even colour, losing that traditional pattern — but if you're looking for really high-quality leather upholstery, then cowhide should be at the top of your list. Cowhide stockists use only the finest hides, producing extremely luxurious and expensive-looking leathers with rich, even colours that can be used for couches, headboards and more.

Hopefully, this list has given you a few ideas and inspirations for use in your own home. There's no doubt that cowhide is an expensive-looking and eye-catching material to use in your decor — and since it's a staple of home design and not a trend that comes and goes, it's a worthwhile investment, too. As it's also nice and durable, it will keep your room looking freshly decorated for a long time after your redesign is complete — however you choose to decorate.

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