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What You Need to Know About Your Digital Camera's Batteries

The batteries are very integral components of your digital camera or camcorder. Knowing a few things about digital camera batteries will help you find the best for your camera when you need a replacement. For this reason, read on to find out more about digital camera batteries.

Rechargeable Vs Disposable Camera Batteries

You might find yourself in this dilemma especially when it's time to replace your digital camera batteries. Most digital cameras will come with rechargeable batteries. Therefore, you may only need to use disposable batteries for emergencies. For instance, if you are going hiking and are concerned that the battery could die, disposable batteries will come in handy. Relying too much on disposable batteries is just expensive because you have to buy new ones each time. This is why despite being more expensive, you should stick to rechargeable batteries for your daily camera use. You will save more in the long run.

Lithium-Ion Vs Alkaline Camera Batteries

The main reason you may want to choose alkaline (AA and AAA) camera batteries is that they are usually relatively cheaper than their lithium-ion counterparts. However, you are better off with lithium-ion batteries because the many advantages of these batteries outweigh their higher price. First, unlike alkaline batteries that are heavier and bulkier, lithium-ion batteries are lightweight. In addition, the energy density of alkaline batteries is relatively lower than that of their lithium-ion counterparts. This means that lithium-ion batteries are more powerful. When not in use, lithium-ion batteries also have less tendency to discharge, which is unlike their alkaline counterparts.

Nickel Metal Hydride Vs Nickel Cadmium Batteries (For Alkaline Batteries)

If you have to use alkaline batteries, go for the nickel metal hydride models instead of the conventional nickel cadmium ones. The former are often more powerful and lack the 'memory effect' common with nickel cadmium models. The memory effect is the resultant effect when you recharge a battery before it discharges fully. The build of this effect will affect the optimal capacity of any future charges. That is, your battery may display 'fully charged' when it's actually less than 100% full. If you make it a habit to recharge your battery before it fully discharges, this effect increases and can affect the service life of that battery.

With this information, you can confidently make your purchase decision and be assured that the battery you are buying will give you the highest value for your money.

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