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The Only 2 Pieces Of Sound Technology You Need For Your New Home Cinema

Home cinemas have become an increasingly popular feature in Australian homes. Modern technology means that you can enjoy the experience of watching movies with theatre quality picture and sound from the comfort of your own home. Along with the large, high definition TV and the luxurious cinema recliner lounge suite, having an excellent sound system is another essential item for creating a truly authentic movie viewing experience.

In the past, a surround sound meant a huge number of bulky speakers that needed to be wired together. Linking them all together was tricky and technical and many people needed to hire a professional to install their sound system for them. With modern wireless and Bluetooth technology and smaller, more powerful speakers, it's now quick and easy to get your sound system up and running for yourself.

If you're in the process of designing your own home cinema, then you may be wondering which speakers are the best choice. With the huge variety of speakers available these days, it can be a little confusing to figure this out. To make things easier, here are the two most important speakers you'll need for high-quality surround sound in your new home cinema.

1. A soundbar

The days when big sound required a big speaker are gone. Soundbars are sleek, unobtrusive speakers which replace the need for multiple speakers around the room when it comes to a home cinema. Although small in size, don't let their slimline looks fool you. Soundbars pack some serious auditory punch.

Soundbars may look like a single speaker but they actually contain multiple speakers. These speakers are directional, which fills the room with sound. They are also designed to project sound at a variety of ranges, so you get the full, rich audio spectrum that you normally only find in a movie theatre.

2. A ceiling speaker

Although a soundbar often provides a quality of sound that most people are happy with, you may want to take your new home cinema to the next level. This is where a ceiling speaker comes in. Ceiling speakers will provide an almost three-dimensional sound quality that you might not even experience in a movie theatre.

The best ceiling speakers are the Bluetooth variety. These can be easily connected to your soundbar and TV setup. Then, you'll simply need to attach them to your ceiling. Most ceiling speakers come with a purpose made mounting system which makes installation fast and easy.

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